The Introduction of Xinke College



       Xinke College of Henan Institute of Science and Technology is an independent college, approved by the Ministry of Education, with the new mechanism and new model. It is a general higher-education and full-time school with the undergraduate level education and has the right to confer a bachelor’s degree.    


Founded in 2003 and located in Xinxiang City, a famous city in the Central China, the college covers an area of 260,000 square meters. The college is fully equipped with advanced teaching facilities. There are 99 laboratories such as biological and chemical comprehensive labs, microcomputer labs, language labs and physical training rooms, and 86 internship and training bases inside and outside the school. The library has a total of 1.2 million volumes of literature.    


The college has an excellent teaching staff with 699 full-time teachers, including 195 teachers with senior professional titles and 435 teachers with master degree and above. There are more than 30 national excellent teachers, provincial and municipal academic and technical leaders, provincial young junior faculties, provincial excellent teachers and civilized teachers.    


At present, there are 32 undergraduate majors in the college, including 2 “comprehensive reform pilot majors” in Henan Province, covering 9 main discipline classes including economics, management, law, pedagogy, literature, science, engineering, agriculture and art,   which form a coordinated development of all the disciplines.    


The college has 13 teaching departments, including Department of Economics, Department of Management, Department of Information Engineering, Department of Chinese, Department of Law, Department of Food Science and Engineering, Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering, Department of Foreign Language and Literature, Department of art, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Ideological and Political Theory Teaching and Department of Physical Education.      


The college has more than 10,000 full-time undergraduate students.  Since the establishment of the college, more than 20,000 professional and technical personnel have been sent to the society. The comprehensive quality of graduates has been widely recognized by employers, and the quality of employment has increased year by year. It has made due contribution to the economic construction and social development of China, especially Henan Province.    


The college lays emphasis on the improvement of the quality of personnel training. In the past three years, 38 students have been awarded  the national prizes and more than 260 people have won the provincial prizes in China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, the National Undergraduate Electronics Design Contest, the National English Competition for College Students, the National 3D Innovative Design Competition, and the “Challenge Cup” National College Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Contest and so on. The enrollment rate of postgraduate entrance examination has increased year by year, and the admission rate has reached 25%. All the students in 7 dormitories have successively obtained their master’s degree, which has aroused a good response from society. Henan Daily, Youth Guide, Henan Youth Daily, Guang Ming online (GMW) and other media have made special reports. The graduates excelled in the selection examinations such as civil servants, “special post plan”, “three supports and one assistance”, and the plan of university students serving the West voluntarily. The employment rate has reached 96.25%    


In recent years, the college, which strengthens its internal quality and builds up a good image in the society, has a rapid development in various undertakings and a continuously enhanced comprehensive strength. The college has won many honorary titles such as “Advanced Collective of Higher Education and Teaching in Henan Province”, “The Provincial ‘Five Good’ Grass-roots Party Organization” and “The Provincial Model Grass-roots Party Organization”. In the ranking of China’s independent colleges in the 2018 China Science and Education Ranking, Xinke College has ranked the 45th.    


In order to further improve the quality of education and teaching, and run an independent college that people are satisfied with, the college will continue to adhere to the path of “scientific development, connotation development, and harmonious development”, and gather strength with more enterprising spirit and more vigorous high morale to strive to build a distinctive independent college that cultivates high-quality applied technical talents!    


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